The Katie Brown Home Workshop is determined to make your house a home!

The Workshop, led by Katie Brown, is a creative enterprise dedicated to cooking, decorating and gardening.  Our focus is on keeping our projects approachable, affordable, quirky, fun, and, most importantly, simple.  Through the production of the Katie Brown Workshop on PBS, a line of home products at Meijer, 5 best selling cookbooks and regular morning show appearances, Katie Brown is dedicated to debunking the idea that it takes a ton of time, a ton of money, and a ton of hassle to cook, decorate, and garden like a pro.   Katie’s appealing and unique approach to the home arts has been a breath of fresh air for a new generation of homemakers.

In each episode of her show, The Katie Brown Workshop, Katie prepares a simple and enjoyable meal, works her magic in the garden and transforms ordinary items into ornate gifts, festive holiday flourishes and helpful home organizers. From her real-life workshop, Katie tackles recipes and projects in each episode’s “Cook,” “Grow” and “Nest” segments. Accompanied by her fellow Workshop Experts, Katie demonstrates how to add some spice to activities like planning the perfect wedding meal, hosting a winning game night, giving gifts that keep on giving, and preparing homemade sweets for Valentine’s Day.

Always with an eye towards family, Katie also provides imaginative suggestions for entertaining, engaging and encouraging young children. Produced by Katie Brown Workshop Productions, Katie Brown Workshop is presented by American Public Television through the Exchange service at no cost to public television stations nationwide.