Thanksgiving is the start of the holidays, plain and simple. From November 25 on, there’s Christmas music mixes at Starbucks, early morning sales at department stores and…a steady stream of house guests!

I really do think it’s fun having visitors, but I always seem to get that creeping feeling of inadequacy when I’m getting together clean sheets and towels—even for friends and family. How did this torn and faded towel last this long in the bunch? Are there any sheets that match these pillowcases?!

You really don’t need tons of money or time to add fresh style to a  room. Check out the bedding and bath product lines I developed with the regional retailer Meijer— it’s all super bright, luxurious, and totally affordable.

Mix and match old and new decorative pillows to add just the splash of color any room needs. Toss a soft and snuggly throw over the end of the bed or sofa to make the whole room look casual and inviting. It’s easy to make a homey relaxed space for your guests. Use what you have, freshen up your staples, mix in a few statement pieces and you’ll be on your way to hostess with the mostess!