As you may recall, I recently purchased a house in Amagansett. Well, the renovations are moving along nicely – and as you can see, and the progress thus far has been quite substantial. While the whole house has been gutted, striped, cleaned, steamed, and re-painted there’s still quite a bit of work that needs to be done! However, with all of that in mind, I can now say that my ‘large scale craft project’ is beginning to look a little less like an abandoned beach house, and more like a cozy abode in Long Island! See for yourself! ::


The so-to-be 'Master Bathroom'. I think it still needs a little work!



The 'first stage' of the living room re-do. The beams? That used to be a closet!



The living room at a different angle. Notice the patio furniture being used indoors!



The living room now. I think the white paint opens up the space, and makes it a lot brighter!



The living room at a different angle.



The girl's room - before the walls were painted.



The girls' room - after being painted... and with a little more furniture!