Another reason I’ve gotten to spend so much time in Massachusetts is that we’ve been doing a huge photo shoot for Meijer, the grocery-and-everything-else stores in the Midwest.  We did 60 recipes and almost 200 photos- it was a lot of work, but we had a great time.

paul That’s Paul Wicheloe in the foreground.  He’s been my photographer for a million years- or a decade, at least.  He’s really special, and I have NO idea what I’d do without him.

clamsHere’s one of the delicious recipes we came up with for the shoot. It’s a seafood soup, and it came out great.


Here’s Sarah Tarica, head chef at the Katie Brown Workshop.  She really brought the heat this time- her food is amazing, and she works tirelessly to get it tasting perfect.

crewThe fabulous crew- working hard or hardly working?

bdayKatherine, who brings her astounding culinary skills to the kitchen, celebrated her birthday during the shoot, so we obviously had to have a cake.


Here are some of the beautiful flowers we got for the shoot.