I was lucky enough to make another visit to Prentiss’ class.  This time we had birthday cupcakes and then I read a book to the class.

classWe used crushed cookies and gummy worms to make the dirt on our cupcakes.

cupcakeThen we added mint leaves and lollipop balloons.

prentisscupcakeBirthday cupcakes still taste good when you’re missing a tooth!


Once again, Kyle was the happiest student of all.

book2I read a book called Imagine A Day, by Sarah L. Thomson, with paintings by Rob Gonsalves.  It’s a beautiful book that inspires the imagination- it’s one of Prentiss’ favorites.


When we finished the book, we all closed our eyes, and then went around the room to talk about what we could see in our own imaginations. All in all, a full day at school.